MICROTECH is a pioneer leader in the Power Industry. Our Engineers, Marketing people and technicians are well skilled to serve and satisfy our valued customers. It delivers products to the customers timely, error-free, cost-effective products that meet their requirements. It attends clients as partner to achieve their utmost satisfaction. It's always with clients to achieve and sustain the significant strategic advantage in the market. It offers long-term availability of services working with some clients for about thirty years as on a variety of leadership initiatives. MICROTECH is committed to provide the best service. Concerns for the environmental necessity are unique character of the company.

MICROTECH has a mission, and that mission is to power our whole nation. After this long journey, we can proudly say that, our great mission has seen long progress. This progress is a huge achievement for us. I believe that, this is not a personal achievement. Microtech is a concept, which shapes the standard of power and automation in Bangladesh. Seeing such enthusiasm among our clients, principles and professionals of this field gives me immense pleasure. I personally would like to welcome you all to our website and hope you would be a part of our long journey.